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Community Heritage Sites

In 2011–12, consultant Lorne Thompson completed an inventory of 102 local heritage sites.

This initiative, called the RM of Morris Community Heritage Sites Inventory project, is one of more than 50 such initiatives being undertaken across Manitoba.

These projects, which were developed by the Province’s Historic Resources Branch, and supported by grants from the branch’s Heritage Grants Program, are ensuring that these Manitoba communities have the solid historical and architectural information to ensure that follow-up projects focusing on a municipality’s built heritage are undertaken with confidence.

The RM of Morris Special Places project is the first step in a multi-step process that ultimately seeks to identify, through a select collection of the most important and attractive sites, those historical and architectural themes that have defined the development of our community. The texts for all of the short listed sites are available in the RM of Morris entry on the Heritage Manitoba's website's new feature page Municipal Landmark Sites.

The RM of Morris Special Places is one of three foundational projects that we have developed at the recommendation of the Historic Resources Branch. The other two are: Pivotal Events, which focuses on key moments and themes of our history, and Notable People, which identifies some of the significant people who affected the course of our history.

Please visit the Heritage Manitoba website for more information on these kinds of projects, and also for information about the other communities involved in these pan-Manitoba initiatives

The communities and places included in the RM of Morris Special Places Site Inventory are:

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